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Melett Range of Turbochargers and Parts

Melett product range - turbo and components

In addition to replacement turbochargers, repair kits, complete VSR balanced CHRA / Core Assemblies and individual turbo components, Melett supplies an extensive range of gasket kits and a growing range of electronic actuator gearboxes. To help our customers provide a quality repair solution, Melett also offers a range of core assembly building tools specifically developed to assist the fast and efficient assembly of CHRA parts, and help to prevent component damage during assembly.

Melett turbochargers

Melett Turbochargers

To further support the professional turbo repair industry, our range of precision engineered turbochargers provide a quality, yet cost effective alternative to a new OE turbocharger.

Melett parts used in quality remanufactured

CHRA / Core Assemblies

Our growing product range of replacement CHRA / Core Assemblies are all assembled and VSR balanced in our in-house fully equipped UK Core Production Facility, from Melett parts only.

Melett Actuators - repair parts

REA / SREA Electronic Actuators

We are delighted to introduce SREA electronic actuators to our range of precision engineered turbochargers and parts.

Melett Pneumatic - product range

Pneumatic Actuators

Here at Melett, we offer a growing range of pneumatic actuators cover a wide range of turbo models, including; Garrett GT12-25, Holset HX40, BorgWarner 3K K03/4, KP/BV35/39/40/43/50…

Melett Nozzle Ring Assembly

Variable Nozzle Ring Assemblies

We offer a wide range of complete variable nozzle ring assemblies covering many turbo models including: GT15-25V, TF03s, TD03 & TD04, RHV4, CT16 &amp CT26 turbos.

Nozzle Assembly Cages

Our range of Variable Nozzle Ring Cages for VNT Turbos continues to grow. The range includes nozzle assembly cages for Garrett (GTB14-GTB22) and Bosch-Mahle applications.

Melett turbo repair kits with Melett watermark

Turbocharger Repair Kits

Our repair kits are ‘in stock’ for nearly all turbo models – ranging from the oldest ST50/3LD through to the latest Garrett GTB Step 3 turbos, and less popular kits e.g. Komatsu & K54.

Melett Repair Kits - turbo kits

"Mini" Turbo Repair Kits

Our mini-kits contain the main bearings, piston rings, thrust components and shaft nut, and exclude most of the bolts, O-rings and items which can be re-used.

Melett Electronic Actuator Gearbox

Turbocharger Actuator Gearbox

Offering a solution to the long standing problem of failed gearboxes on electronic actuators, our actuator gearboxes have been developed using the original motor & plastic worm gear.

Melett Shaft & Wheels

Shaft & Wheels

At Melett, we offer a large product range of shaft & wheels from the smallest KP35/GT12 models up to the large HC5A, including more unusual shafts such as Komatsu applications. Each shaft & wheel is produced to a…

Melett Compressor Wheels

Compressor Wheels

We have a wide range of compressor wheels available for the smallest Smart cars, through to the larger commercial vehicles and off highway applications. All our compressor wheels are manufactured, cast machined.

Melett Bearing Housing

Bearing Housings

At Melett, we have a thorough understanding of bearing housing manufacture, and the complex processes involved to ensure they are produced correctly. Quality inspections and testing are carried out at several…

Melett Turbine Housings

Turbine Housings

Following the successful launch of Melett Turbochargers and valuable feedback from our customers, we are now delighted to introduce Melett Turbine Housings to our range.

Compressor Housings

We are delighted to announce we have added Compressor Housings to our range of precision engineered turbochargers and parts.

Melett fitting kit

Fitting Kits

After our successful Gasket Kit launch and excellent customer feedback, Melett are pleased to introduce Fitting Kits to our range of precision engineered turbochargers and parts.

Melett product range -Journal Bearing

Journal Bearings

At Melett, we offer an extensive range of journal bearings – from the smallest KP35 models right through to the larger Komatsu KTR130. All specialist materials comply with original OEM specification to ensure reliable.

Melett group shot of quality thrust bearings

Thrust Bearings

At Melett, we have a thorough understanding of thrust bearing manufacture, including the main methods of producing the initial thrust bearing blank and the appropriate method required for each application.

Seal Plate

Seal Plates / Back Plates

Melett seal plates undergo post casting processes to strengthen the product and only high quality castings are used. Often low quality casting companies use re-melt and poor casting material. Due to the harsh environment.

Melett product range - heat shields

Heat Shields

Melett heat shields are available as a replaceable item. The quality requirements of a heat shield vary dramatically from one turbo to another, based upon the temperature of the application and the design of the heat shield. 

Melett product range - gaskets kits

Turbocharger Gasket Kits

With over 600 references covering more than 3400 applications our complete product range of OE quality gasket kits are available from stock and are ready for delivery.

Melett product range - gaskets

Melett Gaskets

We have a wide range of individual gaskets available, in stock and ready to order. The range of gaskets covers many popular turbo models, including; Garrett GT/VNT, Borg Warner K03/4 & KP/BV etc.

Melett group shot of quality thrust flingers

Melett Small Parts

Melett’s extensive range of precision internal piece parts, including piston rings, thrust flingers, thrust collars & thrust washers, O-rings and shaft nuts are all available individually or within our repair kits.

Melett Wastegate Kits

Developed using OE/High quality components, our kits offer a cost effective, yet quality alternative to a full/complete turbine housing replacement.

Melett Electronic Actuator Repair Kits with watermark

Electronic Actuator Repair Kits

To support the professional turbocharger repair market further, we have developed an electronic actuator repair kit developed using OE quality components, offering you a more cost effective quality alternative.

Melett Core tools brochure

CHRA Building Tools

Melett’s range of tools has been specifically developed to assist the fast and efficient assembly of CHRA parts and to help prevent component damage during assembly.

Holset VGT Actuator Installation Kits & Components

To achieve a high-class result, Melett recommends using this/these installation kit/kits…

Holset VGT Nozzle Ring Parts / Kits

We are pleased to announce that we have reached an amicable resolution with Cummins® to ensure the continued availability of our …

Band Clamps

View the Melett range of turbocharger band clamps available. Adding to our range of precision engineered turbochargers and parts.