Variable Nozzle Rings

Variable Nozzle Rings

We offer a wide range of complete turbocharger variable nozzle rings:

  • Covering many turbo models including: GT10-25V, TF035, TD03 & TD04, RHV4, CT16 & CT26 turbos;
  • All produced with solid vanes for improved strength;
  • Nozzle ring assemblies are available for passenger cars, commercial vans, and heavy trucks
  • Precision manufactured to the highest possible standards. All specialist materials comply with the original OEM specification to ensure reliable performance.

NB: During the design review of the Nozzle Assembly, Melett Engineers analysed failure modes of many units. Our conclusion was that the solid vane design for the 753420 GT15 nozzle ring, rather than the original welded strip metal design, was the preferred route for the aftermarket providing a stronger repair solution. This allows you to offer your customers an upgraded repair.

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