How have turbo parts evolved?

Design Improvements

KP35 thrust flingers

Single vs Twin Ring Thrust Flinger

Improved Twin Ring Design – All Melett KP35/39 CHRA’s are upgraded from single to twin ring comp end for improved sealing.

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KP35-39 180 deg OE

Thrust Bearing 180° vs 360°

At The original BV35, BV39, KP31, KP35 & KP39 thrust bearing was the 3 pad, 180 degree design. Due to the open thrust pad area oil retention was an issue.

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How has the GT15-25 Thrust Bearing developed

GT15-25 Thrust Bearing Design

In the beginning, there were two main types of GT15-25 turbo, those with a sintered steel 270° and those with a 360° stamped brass alloy thrust bearing.

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K03 Thrust Bearings

Difference Between Stamped Strip and Hot Forged

At Melett, we understand the different methods used to produce thrust bearings and where possible incorporate design improvements.

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GT15 Journal bearings

GT15 Journal Bearing Evolution

The GT15 journal bearings have improved over the years. They started with Melett part numbers 1102-015-100 and 1102-015-101.

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GT15 Seal Plate Melett

GT15 Seal Plate

Seal plates are prone to failing around the compressor wheel diameter, to improve the strength the Melett  seal plate has been designed to incorporate extra strengthening ribs.

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Melett Nozzle Ring Assemblies

GT15 Nozzle Assembly Design

Solid Vane Design – During the design review of the GT15 nozzle assembly, Melett Engineers analysed failure modes of many units.

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