Rise in Google searches for oil and bonnet queries

Uswitch have revealed the most common Googled motoring queries in the UK.

The top three most searched questions about oil, the life blood of a turbocharger, are:[/vc_column_text]

-How much oil does my car need?


-How do I change the oil in my car?


-How much does changing oil cost?


Oil is frequently overlooked as a critical component of turbochargers with oil contamination, lack of lubrication and oil leaks being amongst the most common turbo failure causes.

Often it points to an issue on the vehicle and not to a problem with the turbo.

Garages and repairers can save time and money by understanding oil leaks and identifying the root cause of the failure.

For more information take a look at common turbo failures: Common Turbo Failures – Overspeeding, Oil Contamination, Oil Leaks (melett.com)

Check out the full article from Uswitch here: The most Googled motoring problems in the UK (uswitch.com)

Date published - 27/09/2021