Compare Turbocharger Parts

Compare Turbocharger Parts

Melett core cut away - whats inside a turbo core

Defects in a Core Assembly/CHRA

Due to the operating conditions within a turbocharger, the level of precision required in the manufacturing of turbo parts is extremely high.

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IHI RHF4-5 Thrust Bearing Melett Sample

RHF4/5 Thrust Bearing Comparison

To help you understand these features, here is an examples of the differences between a high quality product and its lower quality counterpart.

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Melett RHF4-5 Bi-Metallic Thrust Washer

Bi-Metallic Thrust Washer

When you purchase a low quality core assembly, unless you dismantle each core it is unlikely that you will know the quality of the parts.

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BV50 Thrust Bearing Melett

BV50 Thrust Bearings

All Melett products are engineered using the strictest quality control processes. Here we compare and analyse a BV50 Thrust Bearing.

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Melett GT15-25 screws

GT 15-25 Seal Plate Screw

The seal plate screw for the Garrett GT/VNT 15-25 turbo to the untrained eye looks like a normal screw you can buy from your local bolt supplier.

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GT15 3 part thrust Melett

GT15-25 Large Pad Thrust Bearing

Although these may appear dimensionally the same at first glance, this is not the case as the thrust washer and thrust spacer offer a different clearance.

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GT15 close up crack_Critical Points

The Importance of the Correct Material Specification

Oil ramping is designed to allow the thrust bearing to resist the thrust forces put on it. It is essential to understand the importance of oil ramping.

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GT15 Sintered vs Hot Forged Thrust Bearing_Low Cost Bearing Failure

Sintered vs Hot Forged Thrust Bearings

GT15 Sintered vs Hot Forged Thrust Bearings. Did the turbo fail due to oil contamination – or did the thrust bearing fail causing oil contamination?

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How are turbo compressor wheels made

What is the Real Cost of Compressor Wheels

Traditionally, compressor wheels are produced from aluminium, which is naturally a very weak cast material. What are the effects of weak casting material?
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