Turbo Repair Equipment

Turbo Repair

Why do you need to flow a turbocharger

Why do you need to flow a Turbo?

There have been a number of different air flow rigs in the market, this is good news for the repair industry and for customers looking for a quality repair option.

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Core balancing sparks

Why do you need to Balance a CHRA?

Several high speed VSR machines are on the market. All reputable repair workshops now have high speed balancing equipment as standard.

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Melett Core assemblies

Types of Turbo Cleaning Equipment

Click here for further information about Turbo Cleaning Equipment, Including; Shotblast Equipment, Part Washers and Shotblast & Part Washing Equipment.

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Melett core disassemble

Find Old Turbo Core Suppliers

Click here for a list of old turbo / turbocharger core suppliers, including old core suppliers in the UK, Europe and North America.

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What to watch out for when purchasing old core_CR

The importance of core recycling

The turbo remanufacturing industry survives and thrives due to the availability old core, which keeps the repair cycle going – Importance of Old Core.

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