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Technical Articles

Why a Visual Comparison of Turbo Products can be Unreliable

It is not uncommon for some turbocharger repairers to compare turbo products visually and assume that if the products look the same, then the products have been manufactured to the same standards. Here, we offer  advice as to why  visual comparison cannot be

The UK government’s planned 2040 petrol and diesel vehicle ban

The UK government’s plan to ban the sales of new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040 dominated the news and media headlines this summer. Commentators speculated on the death of the internal combustion engine. Around the country drivers were contemplating the

Defining Remanufacturing

Whilst opinion about remanufacturing has changed significantly in recent years, there remains a common misconception that remanufacturing within the automotive industry belongs in the same category as ‘reconditioning’ and ‘repair’. Here, we look at what

Foreign Object Damage – Factsheet

Turbochargers are manufactured with precision tolerances, and rotate at speeds of up to 360,000rpm. Foreign object damage from even the smallest objects which come into contact with the compressor or turbine wheels can cause catastrophic failure of the

How can the DPF cause Turbo Failure?

There are many articles and technical documents relating to how a faulty turbo can lead to DPF damage. However, the DPF is actually responsible for more turbo related failures than you might think. Here we explore what effect a blocked DPF can have on a turbocharger

Hot Topic – Overspeeding

Overspeeding is a term used when a turbo is operating well above its normal operating limits and is often overlooked as a cause of turbo failure...

Cast vs MFS Compressor Wheels

‘Machined from Solid’ compressor wheels are the latest in a long line of developments from the OEMs to enter the aftermarket. Here we explore the evolution of the compressor wheel to determine if there are any benefits to using MFS wheels on standard cast

Do Diesel Passenger Cars Have a Future?

A year on from the Volkswagen emission scandal, speculation is growing about the life-span of diesel engines, fuelled by rumours that Norway is planning to ban all diesel engine passenger cars by 2025 – with other European countries potentially following suit. So