Diesel technologies enhance the overall quality of life for millions

Improving global air quality by accelerating the introduction of cleaner fuels and the newest generations of diesel technology.

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Kia hopes to buck trend with cleanest-ever diesel

The Sportage is Kia’s global and European best-selling model and here it represents a quarter of the brand’s sales.

The updated version gets a new front-end design for sharper looks and an EcoDynamics+ power train cuts Co2 emissions by 4pc under the new, strict WLTP rules, helped by the addition of Stop&Go.

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EU passenger car registrations up 6.1% so far in 2018

ACEA reported over the first eight months of 2018, passenger car registrations across the EU grew by 6.1% to reach 10.8 million units, boosted by a strong summer performance.

Spain (+14.6%), France (+8.9%) and Germany (+6.4%) have posted strong results, with a contraction in the UK of -4.2%

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Diesel to retain dominance – Diesel Technology Forum

Message from Allen Schaeffer, executive director of the Diesel Technology Forum – Diesel won’t lose its place as the dominant fuel for commercial vehicles, even as alternative fuels and powertrain options become more viable.

“Diesel is the gold standard, the technology of choice for more than 97% of all heavy-duty commercial trucks today, thanks to several unique features: power, performance, durability, efficiency – the combination of which has proven unbeatable,” said Schaeffer. “Over the last 15 years, truck and engine makers have worked to virtually eliminate emissions from diesel engines. The transition to ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel coupled with advancements in engine combustion, turbocharging and high-pressure fuel injection, and the addition of advanced emissions controls like selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and particulate filters, has enabled today’s heavy-duty diesel truck engines to achieve near-zero levels of emissions.”

To read more about this article – https://www.trucknews.com/equipment/diesel-to-retain-dominance/1003087305/

[Source: Truck news.com August 2018]


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