Melett website features and benefits

The Melett website offers one of the most comprehensive turbocharger databases in the world, giving you access to over 150,000 detailed turbo build sheets and service data. The website contains up-to-date information on which components fit inside each turbocharger, and which turbos fit each vehicle, including: part numbers, dimensions for major components, housing orientation data, actuator calibration information, VSR balancing calibration levels.

Search our database:

The Turbo Number & Keyword Search will allow you to search for Turbo numbers, OE part numbers, Melett part numbers and Vehicle data.

The Vehicle Manufacturer search allows you to find the turbo part number when only the vehicle application is known.

The Turbocharger Manufacturer search allows you to find Melett parts using the turbo manufacturer and turbo model.

You can also search:

All Compressor Wheels using any dimension

All Shaft & Wheels using any dimension

Melett Turbo Tips

Giving you access to in-depth technical information on a wide range of turbo related topics, including:

  • Common turbo failure modes and specific turbo failure examples
  • Misdiagnosed component failures
  • Comparisons of quality components against the lesser quality variants
  • Issues associated with using poor quality parts and their catastrophic effects.

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Date published - 20/06/2023