Diesel Engines: Cutting Emissions, Not Power

Latest article from Construction Europe (KLM group) – Despite the push for a new electric-powered market and hybrid engines coming onto the scene, it seems unlikely that diesel will be chiselled out of its spot as the number one engine power source for some time.

For over a hundred years, research and development have been invested into internal combustion engines, cementing their position as the lifeblood of large machinery.

Engine Reliability and cost

One company that firmly believes in diesel is Perkins, an engine manufacturer for nearly 90 years. In an interview with Construction Europe, Oliver Lythgoe of Perkin’s product concept marketing team explained how EU emissions regulations have shaped the engines of today.

He said, “One perception is that all the investment has gone into emissions and it hasn’t really turned into customer value, but I don’t think that’s true because some of the things you do for emissions create a lot of customer benefits.

“When you have to make a much better fuel system, then you end up getting a more powerful new engine.” It is certainly true to say that engines have benefitted from becoming more fuel-efficient and right now they are proving to be the most cost-effective method of powering a machine.

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[Source – KHL Group, Construction Europe. July 2019. https://www.khl.com/construction-europe/engines-cutting-emissions-not-power/139277.article]

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Date published - 31/07/2019