Why diesel isn’t dirty

The Diesel Technology Forum discusses the clean diesel journey – With a higher degree of certainty than ever before, we can say that diesel is a clean technology.
Diesel is a technology of continuous improvement and that goes for the fuel as well. Ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel has been the standard for both on-highway and off-highway diesel engines nationwide since 2007. By cutting sulfur levels in diesel fuel by 97 percent, immediate clean air benefits accrued – through lower soot emissions from all diesel vehicles and equipment using the fuel (both old and new) by 10 percent. Reducing the sulfur content of diesel fuel is similar to removing lead from gasoline during the 1970s.

Cleaner diesel fuel is the foundation that enabled the development and introduction of a new generation of advanced engines and emission control devices to meet strict “near zero” emissions standards.

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[Source – The Diesel Technology Forum, 10th July 2019 – https://www.dieselforum.org/about-clean-diesel/why-diesel-isn-t-dirty




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Date published - 10/07/2019