How does Melett BV50 Thrust Bearings Compare?

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Lower Quality Sample

  • Blank has been cut from worn / low quality tooling;
  • Thrust pads without clean and square edges. These thrust pads are rounded through excessive deburring – usually compensating for low quality tooling;
  • Thrust ramping is too deep and uneven on each pad, and there is no apparent control over the ramp sizing – the most critical bearing feature; see Thrust Ramping;
  • Surface finish is too smooth;
  • Oil feed hole is too large.

Melett Sample

  • Thrust pads – sharp square cut from quality tooling;
  • Thrust bearing ramping size is controlled – correct size on all pads;
  • Oil feed hole is clean, deburred and to the correct size;
  • Controlled scratches on the bearing surface (as on GT15-25) to retain oil on shut down.

All Melett products are engineered using the strictest quality control processes. The team incorporates 3D measurement capabilities, down to a repeatable accuracy of 2 microns, along with traditional engineering measurement equipment and state of the art 3D modelling software to create the engineering drawings for manufacture.