RHF4/55 Bi-Metallic Thrust Washer Comparison

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Lower Quality Sample
Melett Sample
OEM Sample


Lower Quality Sample (RHF4)

  • No controlled scratches to create surface tension;
  • Badly de-burred;
  • Blackened colour;
  • Pitted surface and edges – pitting can score the other thrust components and lead to premature failure;
  • Doubts over the material quality?

Melett Sample (RHF4)

  • Nice clean sharp bearing surface;
  • Material is smooth, with controlled scratches on the surface;
  • The surface is not scorched or pitted.

OEM Sample (RHF55)

  • Clean, sharp edges, similar to the Melett sample;
  • Controlled scratches on the surface.

Tooling – RHF4 Bi-Metallic Thrust Washer (1450-040-321) tool

Melett invests heavily in our own tooling to ensure each part is precision manufactured to the correct tolerances and specification.

  • The tool for the RHF4 Bi-metallic thrust washer is a very intricate tool;
  • Made in Japan, the multi-stage press tool – starts with a strip of bi-metallic material (copper and steel), which then goes through 9 different stages to create the finished product;
  • Producing the correct tooling requires significant investment and usually cost tens of thousands of pounds.

When you purchase a low quality core assembly, unless you dismantle each core it is unlikely that you will know the quality of the parts contained in that core before installing it.