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What does the future hold for diesel vehicles?

Nozzle Chatter discusses the future for diesel vehicles Today, diesel powers over 90% of all commercial trucks on America's roads. Diesel engines offer: - Proven fuel efficiency - Economical operation - Power - Reliability - Durability -


120 years of diesel

Past 9th August 1898, the first patent was issued by a French engineer, Rudolf Diesel’s, for an efficient, slow burning, compression ignition, internal combustion engine.   Today A dozen decades after its invention, diesels remain as the prime mover,


Impact of aggressive driving on vehicle emissions

Research conducted by Emission Analytics shows that missions at high speed can peak at more than ten times typical levels of nitrogen oxides (NOx) pollutants. Aggressive driving increases NOx by up to five times on the motorway and 35% on rural roads. The


3 myths about diesel vehicles

Myths 1) At higher altitudes Diesel engines perform the same as petrol engines - Actually, generally, diesel gets better mileage than petrol vehicles. The Diesel vehicles turbocharger plays a big part! 2) Diesel engines have not changed in the last 5 years -


Bosch details its new diesel emissions technology

Engine Technology International is reporting that following recent announcements, Bosch details its new diesel emissions technology. These developments could enable vehicle manufacturers to reduce nitrogen oxides (NOx) emissions to levels that will already comply


48-volt mild hybrid system option for new Mk8 Golf

A 48-volt mild hybrid system option for new Mk8 Golf was confirmed by Volkswagen at the recent Vienna Motor Symposium. The new Golf is expected to debut late next year.  The move is the first step of a systematic electrification of Wolfsburg’s entire fleet,