Diesel technologies enhance the overall quality of life

Improving global air quality by speeding up the introduction of cleaner fuels and the newest generations of diesel tech.

Tremendous progress has been made in virtually eliminating criteria emissions from today’s generation of diesel engines. Diesel Technology Forum issued the following is a statement from Allen Schaeffer, executive director, regarding the role of diesel in improving global air quality… Read More…

[Source – Diesel Technology Forum, October 2018 – https://www.dieselforum.org/news/improving-global-air-quality-by-accelerating-the-introduction-of-cleaner-fuels-and-the-newest-generations-of-diesel-technology]

Interesting fact…

Diesel fuel is the most energy dense transportation fuel and the diesel engine is the most efficient means of transferring energy density into power. More goods can be delivered and more work performed on a gallon of diesel fuel than any other transportation fuel or source of energy.

[Source – Diesel Technology Forum, November 2018 – https://www.dieselforum.org/about-clean-diesel/trucking]


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Date published - 05/11/2018