Ian Warhurst Wins Top Gear’s ‘Man of the Year’

Ian Warhurst, Melett’s former Owner and Managing Director wins Top Gear’s ‘Man of the Year’.

Ian, now Bloodhound LSR CEO won the prestigious award in recognition of his rescue of the Bloodhound Land Speed Record car and the successful completion of high-speed testing which saw the team reach a staggering 628 mph / 1,010 km/h.

Picture source – Bloodhound LSR

Check out the full story on the Bloodhound LSR website – https://www.bloodhoundlsr.com/bloodhounds-ian-warhurst-is-top-gears-man-of-the-year/

[Source – Bloodhound LSR – 6th December 2019 – https://www.bloodhoundlsr.com/bloodhounds-ian-warhurst-is-top-gears-man-of-the-year/]


Date published - 09/01/2019