New Parts Bulletins

Melett Production Bulletin 439 – June 2017

Volvo 2.5L TD04L-14T – Core Assembly, Renault 2.0L TD04-L6 – Core Assembly, Toyota 2.0D RHF4 VB19/VB21- Nozzle Ring Assembly, Renault 2.0L TD04L-14T – Bearing Housing, Renault 2.0L TD04-14T – Compressor Wheel

Melett Production Bulletin 438 – June 2017

Renault 1.5D BV39 – Actuator, GT4294S – Repair Kit, HE551W – Repair Kit, GT1238Z – Repair Kit, S200 – Repair Kit

Melett Product Bulletin 437 – June2017

Renault 1.5D BV39 – Core Assembly, Hyundai 1.7D GTB1444VZ – Core Assembly, Renault 1.5D BV39 – Bearing Housing, Hyundai 1.6D GTB1444VZ – Bearing Housing, Hyundai 1.7D GTB1444VZ – Shaft & Wheel, Hyundai 1.7D GTB1444VZ – Compressor Wheel

New Melett Actuators Now Available!

We continue to expand our range of Actuators based on our customer’s requests. Keep a look out for newly developed Actuators on future bulletins.

Melett Product Bulletin 436 – May 2017

Ford 2.5D RHF5 – Core Assembly, BMW 3.0D GTB2260VK – Nozzle Ring Assembly, Ford 2.5D RHF5 – Bearing Housing, Ford 2.5D RHF5 – Shaft & Wheel, Ford 2.5D RHF5 – Compressor Wheel, Iveco 2.8D TD04 – Oil-In Adapter

Melett Product Bulletin 435 – May 2017

Renault 1.5D BV38 – Core Assembly, Volvo HX55W – Core Assembly, Renault 1.5D BV38 – Bearing Housing, Renault 1.5D BV38 – Shaft & Wheel, Renault 1.5D BV38 – Shaft & Wheel

Melett Product Bulletin 434 – April 2017

Land Rover 3.0D GTB1749VK – Core Assembly, Land Rover 3.0D GTB1749VK – Bearing Housing, MEL080 – CHRA Assembly Tool, MEL081 – CHRA Assembly Tool