Authorised Service Centre network expands into Latin America

As a leading global supplier of precision engineered turbochargers and components for the automotive aftermarket, we are thrilled to announce the expansion of our Authorised Service Centre (ASC) network into Latin America.

Our ASC network comprises experienced, quality-focused turbocharger repair specialists who utilise Melett precision-engineered components and state-of-the-art equipment to perform the highest quality turbo repairs.

“Our Authorised Service Centre network has established a highly regarded reputation as the trusted choice for turbocharger repair across Poland, Italy, and Spain,” said Darren Johnson, Group Sales Director. “As we now look to expand the network into Latin America, our objective is to deliver the same unparalleled technical expertise, quality, and customer service that has made our European ASC network such a success.”

Heading up this significant expansion is Jose Fuentes, Sales Account Executive for Latin America.

Jose said: “We are excited to introduce our Authorised Service Centre network to Latin America, expanding our commitment to quality and service to a new region.

“Our ASCs in Europe have demonstrated remarkable success in providing independent garages with reliable, high-quality turbocharger repairs. We are confident that our network in Latin America will uphold these standards and support local garages with the same dedication to quality and reliability.

The expansion of the network into Latin America will start in Mexico, with four leading turbocharger repair businesses across key regions of the country. The inaugural Mexican ASCs include Turbos y Refacciones de Guadalajara in Guadalajara, Turbo System in Monterrey, who also have two additional sites in Merida and Queretaro, Megaturboss in Mexico City, and Servikar in Aguascalientes.

By working with our ASC network, garages can rest assured that any enquiries are handled quickly and efficiently by repairers with the technical expertise to provide a complete solution.

Furthermore, our ASCs can provide a full turbocharger inspection and diagnosis service to help identify the root cause of failure and prevent further issues.

This commitment to quality and efficiency has made our ASC network a trusted name in turbocharger repair throughout Europe, and now, it will bring the same benefits to Latin America.

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Date published - 17/06/2024