120 years of diesel

9th August 1898, the first patent was issued by a French engineer, Rudolf Diesel’s, for an efficient, slow burning, compression ignition, internal combustion engine.



A dozen decades after its invention, diesels remain as the prime mover, the power plant of choice for 15 sectors of the global economy.


But, what does the future hold for diesels?

The future of diesel is about taking a good thing and making it better. Two places that is happening is in the fuels that it uses and enhancements to the technology. Combining hybrid systems with diesel engines in vehicles or machines where it makes sense yields good returns for customers and more productivity as well, as demonstrated in both on-highway medium-size vehicles and even off-road construction equipment. Hybridization allows for downsizing diesel engines, less fuel consumption and lower emissions overall.



Read More Here – [Source – Diesel Technology Forum – http://www.dieselforum.org/policyinsider/reflection-on-120-years-of-diesel]


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Date published - 15/08/2018