Why Choose Melett?

Melett exists to support the turbocharger aftermarket with the highest quality turbochargers and parts. Our products are engineered to OE specifications, consistently manufactured to exacting standards and produced under the strictest quality control processes, meaning our customers can trust our parts and rely on them to produce the finest quality turbo repairs the market has to offer. If you would like to know why our customers choose us again and again, check out our video to understand why Melett is referred to as The Trusted Brand for the Aftermarket.

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Ever wondered how Melett turbocharger parts are manufactured?
Interested in the detailed design analysis involved in producing a Melett Turbocharger?
Check out our informative videos to find out all about Melett precision engineered turbochargers and parts and to better understand why our customers choose us again and again.

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Turbo Tips videos

Common turbo failure modes create much discussion between our customers and our technical department. To help identify common failures in warranty situations and to provide advice on how to prevent future failures occurring, we have created a series of educational technical videos – Enjoy!


Turbo failure - insufficient lubrication

Insufficient Lubrication

Why do turbos fail - oil contamination

Oil Contamination