Turbo reman continues to face many challenges

Turbocharger reman continues to face many challenges – but it is up to the market to take advantage of any opportunities and maintain quality standards, says Darren Johnson, Sales Manager of Melett.

The decline of diesel engines across Europe remains a concern. According to industry data expert GiPA, with the fuel type widely demonised, several countries saw diesel’s share of total registrations drop by 20% or more between 2014 and 2018.

But there are still millions of diesel cars between one and five years of age with their ‘prime’ workshop years ahead of them. With nearly half of the diesel parc falling into this category, GiPA fully expects the importance of diesel to the aftermarket to increase in the coming years, as more and more of these younger bracket vehicles age.

This, coupled with the growth in gasoline turbos does mean that, at the point of entry, turbos have a bright future.


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[Source – Rematec News, October 2019 –  https://www.rematec.com/news-articles/ensuring-viability/]


Date published - 25/10/2019