KP35/9 Thrust Bearing 180° vs 360°

  • The original BV35, BV39, KP31, KP35 & KP39 thrust bearing was the 3 pad, 180 degree design;
  • Due to the open thrust pad area oil retention was an issue;
  • In newer OE turbo applications, the 180 degree design has now been phased out and replaced with the 360 degree design;
  • This has resulted in better oil pressure and lubrication;
  • Melett only use the 360 degree thrust bearing design in all BV35, BV39, KP31, KP35 & KP39 CHRA / Core Assemblies, giving the turbo longer life;
  • A breakdown of the oil film will cause premature failure of the bearing system, often with no obvious signs of lack of lubrication or oil contamination.

Melett Part No. 1303-035-321