S400 Upgrade Thrust Kits

Melett offers a range of S400 upgrade repair kits, featuring both steel and bronze thrust bearing options, to cater for specific S400 upgrade repair needs. Explore the details below to determine the ideal kit for your requirements.

These kits are suitable for most S400 turbo upgrades:

Upgrade Thrust Kit S400 - Steel Bearing

Melett part no: 1253-400-760
Included in major repair kit 1253-400-756

Upgrade Thrust Kit S400 - Bronze Bearing

Melett part no: 1253-400-761
Included in major repair kit 1253-400-757

360-degree design comparison

  • 1253 400 760 (left), features a steel body with a 3 port, center fed design
  • 1253 400 761 (right), features a bronze body with a 5 port, pad fed design
  • The steel thrust provides for dual anti rotation pin location features, which is helpful with certain S400 and S430 models
  • The bronze thrust features increased oil flow at the pad surfaces, as well as enhanced cooling
  • Both versions use the same two piece thrust collar design