‘Your Car, Your Choice’ Campaign

‘Your Car, Your Choice’ campaign champions motorists’ servicing and repair rights

Melett are proud to announce we have joined the UK’s Independent Automotive Aftermarket Federation (IAAF) and we are delighted to offer our support and backing to the ‘Your Car, Your Choice’ campaign which aims to challenge negative misconceptions about the repair industry.

The campaign supports key legislation providing motorists with freedom to choose where to service, maintain and repair their vehicle. It also aims to refocus the attention of the aftermarket industry on the importance of consumer choice regarding vehicle maintenance and repair work. Under Block Exemption legislation, consumers have the right to use any repair workshop for non-warranty work during the warranty period.

As an ambassador for the independent aftermarket, Melett works with the very best turbocharger remanufacturers and repairers who provide a quality service and use quality repair parts.

The aftermarket can utilise a variety of promotional support and materials available, including merchandise, literature explaining key legislation and information as well as a social media campaign.

For more information visit; http://yourcaryourchoice.co.uk/

Date published - 26/04/2018