Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week 2023 🎥

Melett brings turbocharger expertise to Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week (HDAW) 2023

Melett North America has shared the latest turbocharger innovations and technical expertise at a well-attended Heavy Duty Aftermarket Week (HDAW) 2023, which took place at Grapevine TX earlier in the year.

As well as being able to see Melett’s wide turbocharger offering, visitors were introduced to the company’s latest recruit, Mike Franke, Technical Support/Sales , as well as Office Administrator, Jose Antonio Perez, who has been with the company since August 2021.

Mike and Jose stand on the Melet HDAW exhibition stand

Franke recently joined Melett North America at the start of the year, bringing with him close to an impressive 40 years of experience in the turbocharger market. He will provide technical support to customers, as well as a wealth of knowledge on the design and implementation of turbocharger production, and training on the use of high-speed core balancing and other equipment.

Perez also joined with an extensive career in the turbocharger market, and assists the team in customer service, technical support, sales, marketing activities, market research, and customer interaction.

At HDAW, the team presented on “Early and Repeat Turbo Failure Prevention”, providing visitors with a unique insight into the importance of a quality turbo repair, a route often more cost effective than replacement, and one that promotes environmentally friendly remanufacturing.

Visitors to the show were able to experience first-hand Melett’s, high quality components, which are engineered in the UK and designed to match the OEM specification,

Thanks to Melett’s in-house product development programme, the company has continually been able to increase its range and availability of products to ensure customers have access to stock in the quickest time possible.

Melett HDAW stand

Franke said: “The event was 46% bigger and better than last year, which was clear while at the show. Combining the attendance of both events not only increases participation, but it opens attendees to new markets and opportunities. This gave us a chance to meet with companies who had previously not entered the turbocharger market and showcase our renowned product offering.”

The company offers an extensive range of assembled and VSR balanced CHRA (core assemblies), eliminating the need for repairers to invest in expensive high-speed balancing equipment.

Each core assembly is quality checked and inspected against the original equipment specifications to ensure OE performance is maintained during operation.

Franke added:“There is a very strong focus on customer care at Melett and the team are great to work alongside. Working with customers to develop what is needed in a timely manner, at fair market pricing, at an O.E. level of quality is key and is something that we were able to communicate effectively at the show.

“Looking ahead, we will continue to support the practice of repairing and rebuilding existing products. Keeping existing equipment and vehicles running properly saves money for our customers, but it’s also a sustainable practice.”

As part of its ongoing investment plans, customers can place orders and check stock availability via its website www.melett.com The site also provides extensive product information, technical guides & videos, turbo tips and industry news.


Click below to watch Mike Franke’s presentation on Turbocharger Failure, Analysis & Troubleshooting

For more information, check out – https://www.melett.com/technical/

Date published - 02/02/2023