The NEW Melett Online Catalogue

Melett simplifies turbo parts identification with new online parts catalogue

Recognising that turbocharger repairers require quick solutions and instant access to the most accurate, up-to-date product data, Melett has launched an interactive tool helping them quickly and easily find, compare, and order Melett components.

The easy-to-navigate online catalogue enables turbo repair specialists to search by turbo manufacturer or component type and freely drill-down data to find the required product.

For example, repairers can quickly compare specific dimensions, effortlessly research product specifications and clearly view product images, providing them with the latest, relevant information.

Darren Johnson, group sales director, said: “We’re dedicated to providing solutions that make life easier for our customers. Over the past year, we’re finding that customers are increasingly moving to digital platforms to source their information and place an order. The launch of our online catalogue complements our online ordering platform and makes it simpler for our customers to find and order the parts they need without having to rely on a separate reference catalogue.

“Unlike paper or PDF catalogues, customers can easily sort, filter and compare products. The online catalogue is regularly updated with new and updated products, so users will have confidence that they are accessing the latest and correct information.”

Offering an in-depth breakdown of repair parts available from Melett, the catalogue is split down by turbocharger manufacturer and turbo model. Where applicable, parts are referenced to a vehicle make/model or OE part number.

The catalogue provides access to detailed dimensions and drawings of parts including shaft & wheels, compressor wheels, bearing housings, nozzle rings, seal plates & heat shields.

Further information includes Melett’s vast range of CHRA / cartridges, turbine housings, compressor housings, and complete turbochargers. The catalogue also covers the company’s actuators, gearboxes and ancillaries, and provides a complete view of turbo repair kits.

The new online catalogue is free to registered users of the Melett website and can be accessed via

COVID-19 Compliance

In line with the latest government guidance, we are pleased to announce that we have conducted a thorough risk assessment and have implemented further measures to reduce workplace risk and ensure that we stay COVID-19 secure.

Where practical, a number of our staff will remain working from home. For employees working in our offices, we have reconfigured our workspaces to maintain safe working distances. We have reinforced our hygiene procedures throughout the business, and staff in our production and warehouse departments will continue to observe distancing guidelines to manage the transmission risk.

These measures will allow us to continue to process and dispatch orders safely and within our usual timeframes. Our customer care, sales and technical support teams can be contacted as normal via telephone, email and Skype.

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