Introducing Gasoline Particulate Filters to reduce emissions

With a focus on real world driving emissions, new Euro 6C emission regulations will take effect in September 2017.  As a result, further emphasis will be placed on particulate reduction which will mean vehicle manufacturers will have to seriously consider fitting particulate filters to clean up gasoline engines.

Traditionally, it has been diesel engines that have faced tough restrictions, but now gasoline engines are in the firing line for the amount of particulate matter that can be emitted. Initially, the use of Gasoline Particulate Filters (GPFs) created much hesitation due to complexity and costs, however, due to the reduction in particulate numbers required there is no doubt some applications will need a GPF.

In 2016, Volkswagen announced it would be introducing GPFs across its line up over the next six years, and now Volvo look set to take a similar approach to help it meet the stringent emissions legislation.

[Source: Automotive Engineer, October 2016]

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Date published - 12/04/2017