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Turbo Parts Design & Manufacture

Where demand requires, Melett invests in it's own tooling to produce the replacement turbo parts. This ensures that the components are available to meet demand and that Melett is in control of the quality of the tooling at all times. Many cast components have Melett tooling numbers (e.g. M9) cast into the product to help identify the turbo parts.

Knowing what the market requires now and in the future is one of the keys to Melett's success. Regular contact with customers allows Melett to stay on top of the current and future market requirements. New turbo parts are fast tracked through product development to match availability with demand.

Component Design and Tolerancing

Understanding the function of a product is the first step in component design. Utilising the latest in Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology, our Engineers produce detailed design drawings and calculate stacked and geometric tolerances. Material specifications, surface hardness and surface finish are also closely analysed to ensure the final components perform exactly to OEM specification providing correct oil clearance and assembled tolerance.

All products undergo rigorous inspection procedures before entering stock and all turbine and compressor wheels are dynamically balanced to the correct balancing specification.

Controlling High Precision Manufacture

Where required, Melett insists on quality control procedures similar to those utilised in OEM automotive component manufacturing. Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) documentation is supplied with deliveries giving accurate measurements of critical dimensions of control samples from each batch. Internally, each stock batch is closely controlled giving full traceability of each part number. Every batch of repair kits produced has a QC batch number allowing Melett to control all stock movements into each kit.

Oversize Bearings and Piston Rings

To further allow reconditioning, Melett offers a comprehensive range of oversize journal bearings and piston rings.

Journal bearings are available in different variations of oversize OD for recovering the bearing housing bore and undersize ID to allow grinding of the shaft.

Piston rings are available in different variations of OD to allow recovery of the piston ring bore in the bearing housing and increased width to allow recovery of the ring groove on the shaft and wheel. Melett ensures that all oversize OD piston rings have increased radial thickness to maintain the engagement depth in the shaft groove.

For details of the available oversize turbo parts, please see the relevant catalogue sections.

All machining dimensions and tolerances are published in our Workshop Reference Manual which is free upon request.

360º Kits and Upgrades

Melett offers a range of 360º thrust kits and step gap piston rings for Garrett T2/25, T3/04B and MHI TD04 & TD05 (inc. Evolution) turbos. These are available as individual items or in a range of kits to fit both dynamic and carbon seal applications. The upgrade thrust kits increase the oil flow to the centre of the bearing improving both lubrication and cooling. A larger thrust face also allows higher thrust loads associated with increased boost pressure - this is essential on extreme applications.

Please contact the Melett sales team for further information and turbo parts pricing.

Latest Product Releases

Turbo Parts Bulletin 383

Mercedes 2.2D KP39 - Core Assembly, Cummins HX80 - Bearing Housing, Opel/Vauxhall 2.0L K04 - Shaft & Wheel, Toyota 2.2D RHF5V - Shaft  ...

Feb 2016

Turbo Parts Bulletin 382

Mercedes 3.2D GTA2359VK - Core Assembly, Ford 7.3D GTP38 - Core Assembly, Iveco 3.0D TD03 - Core Assembly, Mercedes 1.7D K03 - Bearing Housing,  ...

Jan 2016

Turbo Parts Bulletin 381

Audi 2.0D BV43 - Core Assembly, BMW 2.0D GTB1752VK - Core Assembly, Audi 2.7L K04 - Core Assembly, Iveco 3.0D GTA2260V - Compressor Wheel,  ...

Jan 2016


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