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Question time with Melett – Our frequently asked questions section offers a wide variety of questions and answers collated from technical enquiries, customer feedback, internal training seminars and much more. Should you have any questions you would like us to provide the answer to, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team:

Core Assembly / Nozzle Ring Questions:

What are the effects of not balancing a CHRA?
Why does a balance graph vary between different VSR machines?
What is a variable nozzle turbo?
Why is a solid vane design nozzle ring better that welded strip metal?

Compressor Wheel & Shaft & Wheel Questions:

What does a 'trim' on compressor wheels mean?
What is Compressor Wheel fatigue?
What are the different compressor wheel design variations?
What is a MFS Compressor Wheel?
What is the difference between the 1102-015-439 & 1102-015-442 Shaft & Wheels?

Bearing Housing Questions:

What is the difference between water cooled and air cooled bearing housings?
What is the difference between twin feed and single feed bearing housings?

Small Turbo Part Questions:

What is the difference between a minor and a major repair kits?
Why is a twin ring flinger better than a single ring flinger?
What is the difference between the 1st & 2nd generation GT15 Journal Bearings?
How are RHF4 Thrust Washers produced and what are the costs involved?
What is unique about the GT15-25 seal plate screw?
Why shouldn't you use the 1102-015-240 thrust collar with the 1102-015-324 thrust bearing?
What are the differences between the 1102-012-100/102 & 103 Z-Bearings?
What are the advantages of a Z-bearing?
How and why did Melett improve the strength of 1102-015-300 GT15 seal plate?
What can happen when a standard screw is used instead of a proper Seal Plate screw?

Thrust Bearing Questions:

What are the critical points of a Thrust Bearing?
What is Thrust Bearing failure often misdiagnosed as?
What is thrust bearing oil ramping?
What is the difference and reason behind 360 and 180 degree thrust bearing?
What are the disadvantages of using stamped strip for Thrust Bearings?
What is the difference between a Melett RHF4 Thrust Bearing and a low quality one?
Why is a KP31/35/39 360° thrust bearing better than a KP31/35/39 180° thrust bearing?


Semantics: parts referred to with different names? E.g. back plate/seal plate/insert...?
BV43 what makes it different?
What is homologation?